Directors and Executive Officers

Below is a list of the leading Directors and Executive Officers of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, National Foundation Life Insurance
Company, and Enterprise Life Insurance Company, wholly owned subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group®, Inc.

Executive Officers

  • Troy A. McQuagge
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Patrick H. O’Neill
    General Counsel, Assistant Secretary
  • Jennifer L. Lewis-David
  • Jeremy M. Schoettle
    Senior Vice President – Finance and Principal Accounting Officer
  • Peter M. Gill
    Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer
  • Konrad Kober
    Chief Administration Officer


  • Patrick F. Carr
  • John F. Frank
  • James M. Gabriel
  • Cynthia B. Koenig
  • Troy A. McQuagge
  • Patrick H. O’Neill
  • Jeremy M. Schoettle

Career Opportunities!

We always are looking for intelligent, self-motivated and talented individuals for all levels within our company. We engage a management style that promotes the free exchange of new ideas and rewards self-motivation. We provide a work environment that will continually challenge our employees as they expand their knowledge, skills and abilities. We rely on our people who are driven to do their jobs well, working as if the company was their very own.

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