The SecureAdvantage Difference

  • Lock in Your rates for 12, 24 or 36 months
    Ask Your Agent how You can lock in Your rates for up to 36 months!*
  • Flexible Deductible Choices
    Choose the most appropriate deductible to meet Your needs and Your budget for Your Sickness coverage and Your Accident coverage.
  • The SecureAdvantage Sickness Plans & SecureAdvantage Accident Plans
    are not essential health benefits plans.**
  • Increasing Lifetime Maximum for both Sickness & Accident coverage
    Get rewarded for Your Good Health with Our Increasing Lifetime Maximum for Sickness and Accident coverage.
  • 24 hour coverage, on or off the job
    Coverage You can depend on when You need it the most.
  • Reinsured
    with a reinsurer rated A by AM Best.
  • Portable coverage
    You can take it with You even if You move or change jobs.

*The Premium Rate Guarantee Period does not apply to any rate change due to: change of address; addition of Insureds; change of benefits or options; change of Mode Of Premium Payment; benefits, limitation or exclusion changes; or any future requirements of any federal or state law.

**The individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) generally requires individuals to maintain “minimum essential coverage” in 2014 and beyond, or be subject to payment of the annual shared responsibility payment, the amount of which is based, in part, upon the individual’s household income each year. The SecureAdvantage Sickness Plans and SecureAdvantage Accident Plans are insurance plans which provide benefits on an expense incurred basis up to an annual/lifetime maximum amount for covered services and are neither “essential health benefits plans” under the ACA, traditional major medical insurance plans, nor Workers Compensation plans under state law. SecureAdvantage Sickness Plans and SecureAdvantage Accident Plans are “excepted benefit plans” under the ACA, but are not considered “minimum essential coverage” under it. Therefore, unless an insured under one of our SecureAdvantage Sickness Plans and/or SecureAdvantage Accident Plans has an exemption from the ACA’s individual mandate or maintains “minimum essential coverage” under the ACA, the insured will be subject to the ACA’s “shared responsibility payment”.

SecureAdvantage is not available in all states please contact licensed agent for more information. Limitation, Waiting Periods and Exclusions apply.

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We believe in unparalleled value and care. What do you believe in?

We are flexible, affordable and secure. Our full portfolio of plans lets you tailor coverage to YOUR needs and you can rest easy knowing that, We are an innovator in the industry with over 50 Collective years of health coverage experience.


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